Concrete plant is in the mix for ex-quarry site

Plans have been revealed for a new ready mix concrete batching plant at the disused Dunion Quarry near Jedburgh.

By Paul Kelly
Thursday, 20th August 2020, 10:59 am
Old Dunion Quarry at Jedburgh.
Old Dunion Quarry at Jedburgh.

The aim is for the plant to operate over three years to supply the concrete necessary to complete the £88m Hawick flood defence scheme.

The applicant is Stuart Dodd, of Grange Quarry Limited on the Kirkburn Industrial Estate in Lockerbie.

In addition to providing the concrete for the major flood defence scheme the company also intends to supply the local Jedburgh and Hawick markets over the period.

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The site forms part of the currently disused quarry and, if approved, would comprise of storage silos, feed hoppers, in addition to an office and control room.

It is intended that the plant will operate from 6am to 6pm from Monday to Friday and from 7am until 6pm on Saturday.

A spokesperson for Glasgow-based Johnson Poole and Bloomer, agent for the applicant, said the site had been chosen as it benefits from substantial screening provided by trees either side of the entrance and by hedgerow to the east.

The spokesperson added: “The site is a considerable distance from residential properties, a total of 800 metres from the nearest property at Upper Hundelee Farm, allowing early morning operations with minimal potential residential amenity impacts.

“There are no surface watercourses within the site and no directly polluting activity arising from the proposed development.

“Due to the raw materials and processes used, concrete production has historically had the potential to cause dust impacts. However, with modern plant design and good site management practice these impacts can be controlled and to all intents and purposes eliminated. The location of the site and design of the plant result in there being no potential for noise impacts for residential properties.”

Once completed the flood defence scheme will protect 900 Hawick properties from a “one in 75 year” flood event.