Braw Lads artwork was damaged in Storm Arwen and has been temporarily removed

An artwork that has won the hearts of Gala folk and visitors to the town’s Channel Street has been temporarily removed after it was damaged in Storm Arwen.

The braw lads. (Photo: WALTER BAXRER)
The braw lads. (Photo: WALTER BAXRER)

Following a successful application for funding, Energise Galashiels Trust commissioned installations on the facades of Channel House and 50 Channel Street, the latter occupied by WhyNot? at street level.

Working with Cameron, Strachan and Yuill Architects, several visual concepts were created and discussed with a variety of stakeholders, before the final designs were selected.

The ‘Gatherings’ mural, installed at 50 Channel Street by Signal VGA, is intended to be instantly visible to visitors arriving in Galashiels from Douglas Bridge.

The design depicts silhouettes of the iconic Braw Lads’ Gathering.

An Energise Galashiels spokesperson said: “We have seen the considerable impact caused by Storm Arwen recently, which also included damage to properties in Galashiels town centre.

"Some of you may have noticed the Braw Lads’ vinyl mural, which was located on the Why Not? building in Channel Street, didn’t escape the storm unscathed, and has been taken down as a precaution. We are working with the production company on reinstalling the artwork in early 2022.”

The trust erected a second vinyl mural above Unwind Yarns, also of Channel Street.

The Romance of Textiles mural features dancing figures and the words ‘Weave the Magic in Your Heart’.