Booming Selkirk-based timber frame company aiming to build on its success

A booming Selkirk-based timber frame company is aiming to build on its success after announcing exciting expansion plans.
Oregon Timber Frame premises in Dunsdale Road, Selkirk.Oregon Timber Frame premises in Dunsdale Road, Selkirk.
Oregon Timber Frame premises in Dunsdale Road, Selkirk.

Oregon Timber Frame Engineering, located in Dunsdale Road, facilitates the supply of timber kits for the housing industry.

Due to expansion of the production facilities an extension to both its north and south factories is required, as well as works to the former Carrs Billington retail unit.

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This week, prior to the submission of a planning application, the company formally requested an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Screening Opinion from Scottish Borders Council (SBC), to assess the impact of the expansion plans on the environment.

The company argues that the works do not represent a negative environmental impact and therefore do not require a full environmental impact assessment.

The existing south factory is to be extended to the north by eight new bays to provide a single space for manufacturing, with the existing gable end removed to create this space.

The southern factory would be extended by four bays and there are also plans for a new car park with 60 car parking spaces.

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A report with the application, from Ramand Environmental, says: “The site is located within an existing industrial and employment zone on the edge of Selkirk, with direct access to the strategic road network (the A7). No sensitive receptors will be affected, with no residential frontage onto the A7 in the site vicinity.

“It is expected that 100 per cent of vehicle trips will arrive and depart via the A7. The proposal is therefore expected to have a negligible impact on traffic and transport and does not require detailed assessment.

“No new processes will be introduced with the result of causing significant effects by reason of using natural resources, production of waste, pollution, nuisance, accidents, or disasters/human health risks.

“Insofar as the proposed application will form the extension of an existing factory property, there will be no adverse impact on the absorption capacity of the natural environment.

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“This leads to our conclusion that there are no likely significant effects of the development, and we respectfully request a response to confirm that this development should be excluded from any EIA requirement under the regulations”.

A new sprinkler system will be installed to the factory, with an external pump house and sprinkler tank located between the building’s east elevation and the boundary fence.

The dust extraction system will also be extended and upgraded with a more modern system incorporating spark detection and fire suppression.