​Berwickshire couple to feature on Four in a Bed

Gavin and Rosie.Gavin and Rosie.
Gavin and Rosie.
​A Berwickshire couple who run a “ultimate luxury glamping retreat” are to star alongside their business in the hit TV show Four in a Bed.

​Gavin and Rosie Low, who own Wigwam Holidays Cove Farm in Cockburnspath, will feature in the Channel 4 programme from Monday, June 3 for five nights.

The couple remain tight-lipped about the outcome, but said they were delighted to be offered the chance to feature in the reality TV show.

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The series was filmed over a year ago and Rosie admits the memory of what she said and did is a bit hazy!

“Obviously we don’t have any control over the feedback,” said Rosie. “My husband was initially a bit nervous about going on the show, but I thought we’ll just go for it and be ourselves and I convinced him to do it.

“We really didn’t know what to expect but we enjoyed it and had a lot of fun.

“I was a bit worried about the cleaning comments because we’re in the middle of a field, but we received wonderful feedback which was great.”

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Asked how they felt about critiquing their rivals, Rosie said: “We never went in there to play a game and they always put people they think probably will just to spice things up.

“For the show, if there’s something to find they want you to find it. In the first place they said do what you would do. There was a pub downstairs in the first place so Gav and I put our bags down and walked out of the room. The crew asked where we were going – and I replied: ‘You asked me to do what I would do and I’m going to the pub!’”

The show is notorious for arguments and awkward moments between the contestants.

Rosie added: “There was a little bit of conflict between some of the couples. As far as other shows go it wasn’t bad at all. There was a couple that we knew were playing a game and were marking people down for some things that weren’t fair.

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“I'm not one for confrontation but there was one point I made a comment and I felt my face going bright red!”

A lot has changed since filming took place at Cove Farm which now offers wellness retreats and Rosie said they are constantly upgrading in terms of the cabins and facilities.

Cove Farm has rave reviews, but will it take home the Four in a Bed winners plaque? Tune in this week to find out!

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