Award-winning Kelso care home steps back in time to fashion a good time for its residents

Staff at an award-winning Kelso care home have shown a passion for fashion – after keeping residents covid-free during the pandemic.

Staff dressed in fashion through the ages. (Photo: Holly Glass)
Staff dressed in fashion through the ages. (Photo: Holly Glass)

QME Care in Angraflat Road balanced infection control and resident well-being when a fashion show was staged there last week.

The devastating impact of the pandemic on care homes throughout Scotland has

raised many questions on the mental health of residents.

Outfits on display. (Photo: Holly Glass)

It’s something that QME Care has remained mindful of since the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak last year.

Throughout the period the company has focused on resident well-being by ensuring

that all visits have gone ahead in a safe and controlled environment. Additionally, regular weekly activity schedules have been in place to ensure that person-centred care has been at the top of the priority list.

The show featured a range of stylish looks, including 1940’s high fashion, the swinging sixties, beautiful bridal fashion and some disco dancing classics, with the aim of the residents being able to relive some of their longest memories.

Brogan Stevens in a beautiful pink dress from the 1960s. (Photo: Holly Glass)

Staff at QME Care were in the fashion show themselves, taking care of hair and

makeup, arranging the set and showing off a beautiful range of clothing.

QME Care’s registered manager, Karen Ballard, said: “It’s been a delight to see the

smiles on the faces of our residents, alongside the reminiscing of memories from

Sarah Marshall prepares Selina Stevens hair. (Photo: Holly Glass)

their lives in an earlier time. We have remained a Covid-free home throughout the

entire pandemic, all whilst focusing on resident well-being.”

Brogan Stevens in a little black dress from the 1960s. (Photo: Holly Glass)
Fashion memorabilia on display. (Photo: Holly Glass)
Eloisa Sanchez showing off her 1960s channel-type suit. (Photo: Holly Glass)
Chloe Robertson showing off a dress from the 1940s. (Photo: Holly Glass)