A way to attract talent as well as visitors

Annika Meiklejohn, director of Tweedbank's Tempest Brewery said that the railway was a great way of attracting something they could not do without '“ talent.

She told us: “It’s been great. The railway was one of the main reasons we moved to Tweedbank Industrial Estate because we knew it would provide us with visitors, but it also allows us to attract the best brewers.

“We have staff who travel from Edinburgh and Glasgow, and without the railway we would not be able to employ those people.

“We can attract really talented staff here because of it.

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“We have not done much in the way of brewery tours, but we hope to do more of that in the summer.

“And as we promote responsible drinking, it’s best they come on the train rather than drive.”

Annika also hopes the train will help drive ticket sales for their Springfest music festival on April 29, tickets for which are available on Tempest’s website – www.tempestbrewco.com

Annika said: “We released our early bird tickets on Saturday morning. Within half an hour, 50 had gone and by Sunday night they had all been sold.

“You can still buy tickets on our website, but you’ll have to be quick.”