Your £2 coin might be worth more than you think

The Shakespeare Comedy and Tragedy £2 coinsThe Shakespeare Comedy and Tragedy £2 coins
The Shakespeare Comedy and Tragedy £2 coins
Search under the sofa and check your pockets because the first ever Scarcity Index to identify the UK's most valuable £2 coins has been revealed.

Worth more than what meets the eye, the most recently released £2 coins from The Royal Mint feature in Change Checkers top 10 Scarcity Index – First World War Navy £2 (2015), The Great Fire of London £2 (2016) and the Shakespeare Comedy and Tragedy £2 (2016).

The Scarcity Index, which already has a Scarcity Index for £1 and 50p coins, uses a combination of mintage, collecting and swap data to identify which coins are the most collectible.

Commonwealth games coin most valuable

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With less than 2,500,000 coins issued, the Commonwealth Games £2 coin tops the Scarcity Index.

“The Scarcity Index does not necessarily equate to value but it is certainly an effective indicator,” says Change Checker. “For example, the Commonwealth Games Northern Ireland £2 coin commands a premium of 15 to 20 times face value on eBay.”

The coin comes in four different designs – which can only be identified by each of the UK’s constituent nations flags – Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England. As a result, instead of 2,500,000 coins being issued, the mintages range between 485,500 and 771,500, adding to their value.

Change Checker adds: “As for the more recent issues that have made the top 10, it is perhaps too early to tell. But what is clear, is that more and more of the British public are checking their change in the hope of finding interesting or rare coins in their pocket – perhaps even the Commonwealth Games Northern Ireland £2 coin – you just have to be sharp-eyed.”