Comedy trio head to Galashiels

The dynamic Scottish comedy trio Weegie Hink Ae That? are heading to Galashiels in October as part of their upcoming debut tour.
Weegie Hink Ae That? are coming to Galashiels.Weegie Hink Ae That? are coming to Galashiels.
Weegie Hink Ae That? are coming to Galashiels.

The tittersome threesome – Gregor Mackay, Conor Hardie and Elliot Hannigan – play MacArts on Thursday, October 12, bringing their unique blend of humor, wit, and distinct Scottish charm to the venue.

Known for their hilariously silly sketches and catchy songs, Weegie Hink Ae That? have been making waves in the comedy scene, quickly establishing themselves as one of the country’s most exciting comedic acts, with success online with over 100million views, and a large fanbase for their work.

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With their live work, they have been nominated for BBC comedy awards, Regularly appeared as headline acts and have even taken their comedy across to America.

Combining their observations on Scottish culture with a modern twist, the trio offers a refreshing and relatable take on everyday occurrences.

The tour, appropriately named “Weegie Hink Ae That?” will kick off on the 9th of

September at the stand comedy club in Newcastle. Over the course of their 8-city

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tour, Weegie Hink Ae That? will be performing in some of Scotland's most iconic

venues, including Glasgow’s Pavilion Theatre among others. Each show promises to

be a riotously funny and entertaining time filled with three silly lads doing what they

do best!

"We are absolutely buzzing to hit the road and bring our unique brand of comedy to

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folk all over Scotland," says Gregor Mackay one-third of Weegie Hink Ae That? We

can't wait to share our new sketches, songs and have a laugh with everyone, and I

promise that this tour will be an absolute riot!"

The trio is made up of Gregor Mackay, Conor Hardie and Elliot Hannigan. Together,

they create an electrifying and genuine chemistry that has audiences in stitches from

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start to finish. The trios natural comedic timing, combined with their quick wit,

ensures an evening of non-stop laughter and entertainment.

Tickets for the Weegie Hink Ae That? tour are available now from Due to their growing popularity, fans are encouraged to

secure their tickets early to avoid disappointment. This promises to be a cracking

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comedy experience, and Weegie Hink Ae That? is excited to share their infectious

humor and Scottish charm with fans old and new.

For more information, tour dates, and ticketing details, please visit the official

Weegie Hink Ae That? website at Follow the trio on social

media for updates, daily content and sneak peeks leading up to the tour.

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