Borders film star Jack Lowden helping bring unfinished business to radio

Film star Jack Lowden can be heard but not seen bringing a piece of unfinished business to the radio at the moment.
Jack Lowden in Oxton.Jack Lowden in Oxton.
Jack Lowden in Oxton.

Lowden, raised in Oxton but now living in Edinburgh, is one of a cast of 11 lending their voices to a two-part adaptation by Colin MacDonald of the incomplete Robert Louis Stevenson novel Weir of Hermiston for BBC Radio 4.

Edinburgh-born Stevenson died in 1894 at the age of 44 before he could finish off what would turn out to be his last book, partly set in the Borders.

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Published posthumously in 1896, this is the third time it’s been adapted by the Beeb, having been turned into a four-part TV series in 1973 and a radio play in 1992.

Lowden, 29, plays law student Archie Weir, and his fellow cast members include Phyllis Logan, Paul Young, Helen Mackay and Finn Den Hertog.

The Bruce Young-produced show, broadcast last Sunday and the Sunday before, attracting a million listeners each time round, can be heard at

Essex-born Lowden’s film CV includes ’71 in 2014, A United Kingdom in 2016, England is Mine in 2017, Calibre in 2018 and Fighting With My Family in 2019.