£5k the Manic way to do it for Kelso brothers

IT is a four-figure sum that global musicians would not roll out of bed for.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 28th February 2013, 7:25 am

But for Kelso brothers Tamir and Orren Karp, £5,000 means they can take the next step on their musical roadshow.

The public plea to fund the Manic Shine’s latest album, Let Go or Be Dragged, thankfully proved successful for the Israeli-born siblings, with the band recording its 10 tracks within days of the target being reached.

But ahead of a return to the Borders as part of a UK tour, Tamir admits there were anxious moments before the total was secured.

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Drummer Tamir said: “We reached our £5,000 two weeks before the deadline, which was fantastic.

“It really was touching that people have backed us.

“We did it through a website called Please Fund Us, which is very popular with bands nowadays across the UK.

“We thought we would give it a go, but a month into it we were thinking ‘Why have we got into this?’.

“Thankfully it has turned out really well.”

The album took 10 days to complete, and is the follow-up to debut record Blindsider, released in 2011 to positive reviews.

Tamir added: “We went straight into the recording studio with our record label Animal Farm and did 13-hour night shifts from 6pm to 7am to get it completed.

“We needed a lot of coffee and a few drinks to get us through it, but we felt if we did it at night we could not be distracted and could be really focused.

“I think there is also a real focused sound to the album. In your first album you try to include everything to find out what you are capable of, but that is not the case with this record.”

The Manic Shine’s new release could well have been called Perseverance, on account of their dedication to their hobby, which they hope will turn into a blossoming career.

The four-piece, which also includes Ozzie Rodgers and James Hutchison, self-released their first single Pretend and gained support from NME and BBC Introducing’s Tom Robinson.

They have since supported the Maccabees and former the Libertines frontman Carl Barat, made famous for his love-hate relationship with the iconic group’s fellow lead singer, Pete Doherty.

Last year the band upped their time on the road, playing 90 gigs. They hope to complete a similar number in 2013, despite the commitments of also having to hold down a job to make a living.

“It can be really tiring,” said Tamir. “Especially if you are working the next morning. But we have our van, which is a slightly sweaty experience, and just head out on the road.

“We always take a friend along as well, who usually comments on our musical taste, which includes jazz. I’m not sure if our next album will be a jazz one!”

The Manic Shine’s UK tour starts on Tuesday in Otley, West Yorkshire, followed by an appearance at Coldstream’s Eildon Centre on Saturday, March 9.

Tamir added: “It is nice to be back at the Eildon Centre. It has a great history of championing new music.”

Support at the Coldstream gig comes from Duns group Easter Street.

For more information on the show, visit www.facebook.com/themanicshine or go to www.themanicshine.com to pre-order Let Go or Be Dragged, which is due out in April.