National Fish and Chip Day - the verdict on the ideal chippy

Whether you love salt and sauce or mushy peas, one thing's for sure Brits are a nation of chippy lovers.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 2nd June 2017, 12:57 pm
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:03 pm
Fish and Chips - copyright LearningLark on Flickr
Fish and Chips - copyright LearningLark on Flickr

Latest research carried out on behalf of The National Edible Oil Distributors’ Association (NEODA) for National Fish and Chip Day, has found out once and for all how we like our fish dinners.

The online survey which asked 1,675 people what their ideal chippy is, found salt and vinegar to be a clear winner as Brits’ favourite topping – with 69.84 per cent of respondents agreeing it’s the best. Salt and vinegar was followed by just salt chosen by 13.46 per cent and ketchup with 5.86 per cent.

When it came to what people wanted to eat alongside their fish and chips it was a close call between mushy peas and curry sauce with 34.29 per cent and 27.47 per cent of votes respectively. Bringing up the rear were pickled eggs and gherkins with less than two per cent of those surveyed choosing them.

A good chippy is nothing without a good piece of fish either and according to the survey cod was the fish of choice with 63.67 per cent of those surveyed choosing it. Cod was followed by haddock with 26.63 per cent.

The survey also found that the nation’s favourite place to have a chippy was typically at the seaside with 47.43 per cent of people closely followed by taking them home which pulled in 40.74 per cent of the votes.

Whatever way you eat yours, it’s evident love a chippy and National Fish and Chip Day 2017 on 2nd June 2017 will see people across the country celebrate their love of this iconic meal.

From fish and chip shops, pub chains, restaurants, retailers, to the fishermen and farmers who provide the sustainable and natural ingredients used to create it, National Fish and Chip Day 2017 will raise a chip to them all.

The national event which is being championed by NEODA, helped make the footfall experienced by fish and chips one of the highest of the year, with some saying it was even busier than Good Friday according to NEODA.

“National Fish and Chip Day celebrates the stars who work hard to bring Brits their favourite traditional takeaway,” explains NEODA’s, Andrew Marriott. “We want to bring the whole industry together to celebrate and showcase the great British institution that is fish and chips.”

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