Lady angler lands first salmon trophy


For the eighth year running, a trophy has been won for the first salmon of the season to be caught from the Kelso Angling Association (KAA) water on the Teviot.

The fish was caught on opening day, Monday, February 2, by Dorothy Graham.

She caught the 9/10lb hen fish on a Blue Charm treble from the Castle Pool.

Dorothy was ably assisted by Michael Biggs, local retired gamekeeper from Floors – who just happened to be in the area and witnessed the successful catch.

Michael and another angler, John Drucker, assisted Dorothy in releasing the hen fish safely back into the river. Dorothy was presented with a certificate and the Tweedside Tackle Crystal Decanter by Tim Pilcher a couple of days later.

This is the first time since the trophy was commissioned that the first springer off the Teviot has been caught on opening day – proving that the 2015 season has kicked off well.

It’s also the first time that a lady angler has won the prize.

All fish caught on the main river and Teviot were spanking fresh.

The trophy remains on show at Tweedside Tackle for all to see.