String Jam’s talent

The String Jam Club has announced its schedule for the first half of 2011.

Following on from Saturday’s Burns Night Bash (tickets available on the door £7/£3), next month will see Angie Palmer make a welcome return to the club’s Salmon Inn venue in Galashiels.

Praised by Bob Harris, she mixes country, blues, and folk and has been described as having “a delicious hair-in-the-voice approach that gives her a tough edge over more fey contemporaries”.

March’s concert will be by Eddie Walker and Fraser Speirs.

Eddie plays a mixture of blues, ragtime, hillbilly country, as well as British and American folk and original material, while Fraser has toured the world with Paulo Nutini.

In April, legendary songwriter Peter Case will entertain the audience.

A rocker turned acoustic, with a career that has covered punk, new wave and now alternative Americana, Peter has inspired a whole new generation of musicians.

His first band the Nerves had a hit with Hanging on the Telephone – latterly recorded by Blondie – and toured with the Ramones.

Over two decades later he has recorded 10 solo albums and won three Grammy nominations.

After undergoing near-fatal open heart surgery two years ago, he is back in the saddle and raring to go with his new album WIG!

In May,up-and-coming talent Jake Cogan makes an appearance in the Borders. Allie Fox of String Jam Club said: “Her great songs, inspirational vocals and brilliant band, the Liberty Roses, have made a deep impression on String Jam Club audiences, and she has her very own and much-deserved headline show – by popular demand.”

Dick Gaughan said of Jake: “On rare occasions, you realise that you’re listening to what a real singer should be, someone with a direct connection between soul and voice. Jake Cogan is one of those rare few.”

Advance tickets (£9) for all performances are available from The Salmon.