Shark snaps up TV plays

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GALASHIELS-based Shark Batter Records’ upcoming single has already captured the attention of TV.

Moon Moth, half of a double-A-side release with Baal 4 Justice by Sarahjane Swan and Roger Simian of the Dawn of the Replicants, recently featured on teen soap The Cut on BBC 2.

Sarahjane and Roger spent 2010 collaborating on experimental pop songs and videos as The Bird And The Monkey.

First single If Love’s A Cure was played by Vic Galloway on Radio 1 and Tom Robinson on 6 Music.

A spokesperson for Shark Batter Records said: “Baal 4 Justice is the first song completely sung and played by Sarahjane herself, with Roger only loitering in the background.

“Snarly guitars, buzzing bass, strummy acoustic and twinkly xylophone back Sarahjane’s odd lyrics, involving the demon Baal descending on a Scottish court of law.”

A graduate in sculpture from Aberdeen University, Sarahjane has been working on an oil painting to accompany the song, based on a sketch of Baal from Collin de Plancy’s Dictionnaire Infernal of 1862.

“Roger recorded the original music for Moon Moth several years ago on a bashed-up electric guitar with all the strings tuned to D,” added the spokesperson.

“When Sarahjane got hold of the tune she added synth played on a computer keyboard and lush and breathy vocals.

“The pair came up with the words while drinking red wine and observing the comings and goings on scaffolding outside a student flat near Sarahjane’s home.”

The double A-side is released on Roger’s birthday, January 21 - visit for more information.