Selkirk’s soulful singer releases her debut single

A singer’s first solo single, accompanied by the touring band of the professional musical Dirty Dancing, has been released this week.

Lovesick, by Sara Heatlie (known as Sara Grace), combines a raw confessional lyric on top of a powerful instrumental arrangement.

The Selkirk performer, now based in Glasgow, developed her passion for music and singing while at school in the Borders.

Thirty-year-old Sara said: “I went to Selkirk High and started singing around my second year.

“I was a part of the school choir which I loved and my music teacher really encouraged me to pursue it further.”

From there Sara went to Edinburgh College to further her education and found that music was what she had a strong passion for.

This progressed even further when she attended the University of West Scotland and was awarded a 1st class honours degree in commercial music and then completed her masters in song writing and performance.

It was while at university that Sara wrote the lyrics to Lovesick.

She said: “I was on an exchange trip to Canada and America with university when I wrote the song.

“A few people from my masters course at UWS were selected to take part in a song writing exchange in Canada and America which was such an amazing experience.

“We got to spend time in Toronto where I wrote Lovesick and a few days in Chicago as well.”

Sara added: “It was my first time over there so it really opened my eyes to life outside of Scotland.”

It was also while at university that Sara met her manager, Robert Maitland, who now runs her record label, Smart Indie.

It was Smart Indie that managed to get Sara a slot at Glasgow’s exclusive Cava studio alongside the band of professional musicians from Dirty Dancing.

Speaking about the experience, Sara said: “The professional musicians were absolutely amazing – that whole experience was something I’ll never forget.”

Sara has also starred in a music video to accompany the single that was filmed at Selkirk’s grand heritage manor, Haining House.

She said: “As soon as we started discussing ideas for the video, the setting of a big old house was mentioned and I immediately thought of Haining House because I’ve grown up with it.

“I was thrilled when they said we were allowed to film in it because it’s great for me to get a little bit of Selkirk into my work.”

Despite Sara’s obvious passion for music and beautiful soulful voice, she admits that the music industry is tough.

She is now returning to university to do another degree course, in primary teaching.

“As much as I love singing and that’s what I will always love, I need a job with a steady income to be able to support that.

“I currently work with adults with learning difficulties which I enjoy, so I decided to start a teaching course at the University of Strathclyde.”

Sara has no plans to let that get in the way of her singing as she has more singles in the pipeline.

Lovesick is available to purchase on iTunes for 99p.