Kale provides a Liddle bit of inspiration for Bob

KELSO accordionist Bob Liddle didn’t look far from home when searching for inspiration for his new CD.

Entitled Kale Water the all-original traditional music album was composed, played and recorded by Liddle himself in his home studio, while Kale Water valley resident Jock Bryce provided informative and amusing sleeve notes.

The album is accordion-based, but features other sounds in the mix, such as guitar, banjo, sax, pipes and harp.

The tunes all relate to places and people in the area, such as Grubbit Brig, Meadows of Philogar and The Sandy Ramage Polka.

Liddle told TheSouthern: “Also featured on the CD is local character Ronnie Patterson, who sings Bonnie Border Burn (the only music not written by me) plus Kelso, Jewel upon the Tweed.

The CD got an airing on 
Sunday, thanks to the Mary K Burke show on Celtic Music 
Radio, with further local and national radio play being 
lined up.

It’s available to buy in several Borders shops, such as Musicstation in Galashiels, Spences Music Shop in Hawick and the village shops in Morebattle and Yetholm.