Guitar master Preston Reed to take County centre stage

Preston Reed
Preston Reed

After a sold-out relaunch with Rory McLeod, the String Jam Club is following with guitar virtuoso Preston Reed tomorrow (February 8).

The New York master, who Total Guitar called “the world’s most gifted guitarist”, “fuses blues, rock, funk and jazz unlike anything you’ve heard before,” the club’s organiser, Allie Fox, said.

“Preston Reed doesn’t need a band. He is the band.

“With a career spanning over four decades, this trailblazer still tours and records with a passion that flows into the hearts, heads and feet of his audience.

“Preston’s live shows are full of contrasts, by turns explosive and sweetly lyrical. He riffs with the conviction and guts of a rock band, yet plays with the subtlety of the most delicate of jazz pianists.

“There are no fancy gadgets or gimmicky FX – just six strings (occasionally 12), two hands and a daring and innovative musical imagination that crosses all boundaries.

“He tweaks the nose of musical convention, pokes the eye of received wisdom and burns the rulebook of the past.”

Commenting on the club’s packed relaunch, Ms Fox added: “We are all so thrilled it was such a success: the demand for tickets was so great that the club had to turn people away, and folk were sitting on the stairs outside the hall.

“We would like to say a special thank you to The County Hotel who have given us such a great welcome, and also all the people who have continued to support us over the years.”

Tickets for Preston Reed are available from the County Hotel.

If you can’t get there in person, they will take credit card bookings over the phone (01750 721233).