Gavin tries out the music of the world

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GALASHIELS bassist Gavin Dickie brings his new band, Combomondo, to the George and Abbotsford Hotel, Melrose, next Saturday.

Gavin, who in his early career was fired from heavy metal band Axe for listening to too much Jaco and Jeff, has since appeared on stage with the likes of Fish, Tam White, Allie Fox and the Border Boogie Band.

But with Combomondo, he is kind of taking a break from the norm.

The trio – featuring acoustic guitar, electric fretless bass and percussion – write and perform original music, infusing elements of folk, rock and jazz which combine to make them unique in the field of world music.

The idea for the band germinated from a sound that was created as backing for Mike Heron when the other two members – John Rutherford and Dave Aitch – toured in his Incredible Acoustic Band in the 1990s.

While loosely falling under the genre of world music, a strong sense of melody remains paramount in each composition. Whether stated by the guitar, fretless bass or a guest musician, this combines with an array of ethnic percussion instruments to produce an original and intriguing soundscape.

Combomondo have recently released their debut album entitled Big as the Sky, available on the JGD label.

Recorded in Gavin’s Selkirk studio, and mastered in the Sound Café, it is an album of instrumental music to suit all moods.

Influences range from Border ballads, through Bossa Nova to Greek folkloric dances, world music and Jazz.

The band are currently at work on their second album which includes some original vocal songs, with John and Gavin providing the vocals as well as the band’s trademark instrumentals.

The band launch their CD in the George and Abbotsford Hotel, Melrose, on Saturday, March 9, at 8pm. Tickets, £7 from venue or Music Station on 01896 754554.