Example – Changed the way you kiss me

John Elliot Gleave (Example) was born in London in 1982 and is the eldest of two children.

John won the best poet for his primary school (All Saints primary in London) and won a new computer when he was 10. He first rapped properly aged 12 in a battle and “completely destroyed” the boy he was against.

His joined his first music label in 2004 and John desired a stage name and ‘Example’ came about when looking at his initials, EG which is an abbreviation for example.

To this day Example has released two albums and twitter (@example) has revealed the third one is under way.

Example recently made an appearance at In Demand: Live and became number one on the TV Chart Show the day after with his latest song, Changed the way you kiss me.

Changed the way you kiss me is a very electro song. It has a catchy backing track and very meaningful lyrics. It is about Example, who is not really scared of anything, but he is now getting a little scared because his partner has changed the way they kiss him and he doesn’t like it.

In the middle of the song, the first verse is repeated about not being afraid to emphasise how strong he is and how worrying it is that his partner has changed their emotions!

I’ve never been afraid of the highest heights Or afraid of flying now I’ve never been afraid of the wildest fights Not afraid of dying I need a new fun fair cuz your scaring me and I don’t like where we’re going I guarantee you’ll miss me cuz you changed the way you kiss me

Fraser Knight