String Theory returns to Hawick

After a brilliant debut of their music series in the park in June, String Theory returns on Sunday 5 July at the Elliot Bandstand in Wilton Lodge Park.

Last time they hosted the original music of local Hawick band, Boy with the Lion Head. This time they are going a little further afield and presenting Gary Hall from the north of England.

Gary Hall has an impressive list of acclaimed albums on both sides of the Atlantic and has been touring since the late 1980s. He brings soulful acoustic-based rock ‘n’ roots mixed with ingredients of folk, blues and Americana.

People can catch a sneak preview with his Elliot Bandstand performance on Sunday at 2pm before a concert at the Heart of Hawick on Monday 6 July.

The bandstand music programme begins at 1pm with the return of Inside the Whale.