Preview: Kelso Amateur Dramatic Society and Borders Youth Theatre

Kelso Amateur Dramatic Society, 2013 production.
Kelso Amateur Dramatic Society, 2013 production.

Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances can force a change of plans. But that’s not necessarily bad news.

This year, due to health issues amongst the cast, Kelso Amateur Dramatic Society and Borders Youth Theatre are teaming up.

On November 12, 13 and 14 they will produce a double-header of entertainment.

First up is a play called Same, by Deborah Bruce. Same is set in an old people’s home in the week that Josie dies. Her teenage grandchildren reminisce about their memories of her, and the residents in the home feel the effects of her death on their lives as her funeral takes place.

Is the gulf between the young and old as wide as it feels, or are we fundamentally the same inside whatever age we are?

This play will allow both the young players of BYT, and KADS’ more mature performers, to shine.

Next up is a comedy, When I Snap my Fingers, by Bruce Adam.

Simon and Maria Moffat agree to undergo hypnosis as part of performer Sven Gali’s act. Things go awry when a fire alarm sounds before Sven has had a chance to remove the effect of certain trigger words.

The following day Simon has invited his boss Dan and Dan’s wife Dolly round for dinner in the hope of salvaging his foundering accountancy career.

With both Simon and Maria still susceptible to the key words, however, some very odd behaviour in the presence of their guests makes Simon’s future look more vulnerable than ever.

This is another of KADS’ now trademark farces. Beware – it will get silly!

Tickets, priced £8 and £6 for concessions, are available from Hector Innes Photography, in The Square, Kelso.

A pre-show supper is available at The Waggon Inn, Kelso, on the Saturday night. Call 01573 224568 for details.