Digging out reality behind legends 
of King Arthur

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TRAQUAIR writer Robin Crichton will launch his latest book, On the Trail of King Arthur, at this weekend’s Books Borders and Bikes literary festival.

Crichton draws on research into little-known evidence and tries to lift the shroud of mystery around early sixth century Scotland.

He said: “The King Arthur of mediaeval legend was a politically correct composite which evolved into one of the longest running soap operas in history.

“But behind the fiction lay the true story of a brilliant cavalry commander, who won his spurs defending Strathclyde against the southern Picts.

“By brokering a lasting peace – a feat the Romans had never achieved – Arthur’s reputation spread to the furthest corners of Britain.”

Included in the book is a list of key sixth century sites and how to find them. Crichton plans to develop a website and phone application of an Arthur trail.

The launch of On The Trail of King Arthur is on Saturday at 1.20pm at Traquair House.