Brilliant blues

BORDERS bluesman and songwriter Mike Whellans is set to get the joint jumping at the String Jam Club in the Salmon Inn in Galashiels on Saturday, February 25.

“Mike Whellans is a one-man-blues-band explosion, the real thing – in fact the best ‘solo blues band’ any side of the Forth,” enthuses the club’s spokesperson, “and a keeper of the flame that burned so passionately in the work of this highly specialized form’s masters, including Doctor Isaiah Ross, Jesse Fuller and Whellans’ great British forerunner, Tony ‘Duster’ Bennett.

“Like all true bluesmen and women, when Whellans sings and plays, he means it and sings straight from the heart.

Not only is he his own man as a singer, guitarist and ace blues harpist, but he’s also his own rhythm section too, noted for his show-stopping beatbox vocal percussion.”

The String Jam Club meets on the last Saturday of every month. Doors open at 7.15pm, and tickets (£9) are on sale at the Salmon Inn (01896 752577). For more on Mike Whellans’ biography, visit