Bearing up under the elements

xSadie Spangle - Mike Webber and Gentleman Jack - Cammy Renwick
xSadie Spangle - Mike Webber and Gentleman Jack - Cammy Renwick

Storms have raged, Hawick has been flooded – and it’s been wet, windy, cold, bleak and downright miserable of late.

But within the walls of Hawick Town Hall this week, there has been a touch of sunshine.

The reason – Hawick Pantomime Group’s production of “Goldilocks and The Three Bears” which has been a delight as it has everything that a traditional pantomime should. Wonderful, colourful characters, loads of audience participation, great songs, dance routines, heroes and villains, love and romance, plenty of humour and a happy ending.

Producer Margaret Moyes must be delighted with her cast. For everyone – from the leads to other roles to the chorus – were stars in their own right. Plaudits also go the way of choreographer Emma Coltman as the dance numbers are top notch.

Set in the Sadie Spangle Circus, stationed in Hawick’s Volunteer Park, this somewhat different look at the “Goldilocks” tale has a strong local theme.

In their first major roles, Erin Hogg and Catherine MacFarlane emerged with flying colours. Erin was perfect as Goldilocks in producing all the qualities needed for the part with charm and flair. As Ronnie the Ringmaster, who falls in love with Goldilocks, Catherine got into the right groove as well.

The Three Bears – Lisa Scott (Father Bear), Kathy Webber (Mother Bear) and Charlie Marshall (Baby Bear) – have been a funsome trio.

Every panto has its dame and this production has a glorious one in Mike Webber (Sadie Spangle).

Graham Ford has put everything into his part as circus clown Joey Whizzbang, emerging a whizz himself as a result in bringing about laughs galore. Throughout the show Graham had a catchline of “Is Everybody Happy” – and everybody was.

Cammy Renwick and Andrew Shields emerged as panto baddies Gentleman Jack and Scary Boo – and they got their roles off to perfection for they were all of this, and no wonder they got booed.

Speaking in rhyme, Shonagh McLaren cast her own magical spell performing the good fairy, Belinda.