Young Borders voters film their referendum views

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With just three weeks to go until the referendum, Scottish Borders Youth For Yes have released a film showing local young people stating their personal reasons for voting Yes.

The short video was created by three Hawick youths and features interviews with young Borderers, ranging from ages 16 to 26.

Corin Anderson, 17, in charge of audio for the film, said: “We do hope this film encourages young people to think about what independence could mean for them.

“We also hope the passion portrayed will help people realise that this referendum is about them and their futures, and will encourage them to do some research into both sides of the debate if they haven’t already done so.”

Robert Scott, 16, was behind the camera. He added: “We felt it was time that we as young people did something to express our views.”

And Christina Hendry, 19, who directed the film, believes that it is often thought that young people don’t care when it comes to getting involved in politics.

“We feel that young people are often stigmatised as having no interest in current affairs or political campaigns, and we hope that this film shows otherwise. It was produced by three young people with the equipment they had at hand and includes young people stating why they are voting Yes – showing that they have clearly thought about it themselves and researched the reasons for independence.”

The film can be found on the Scottish Borders Youth For Yes Facebook page and YouTube channel –