Write On! winners, 2014

This week, we are delighted to be able to publish the winning entries in this year’s Write On competition, in which pupils from primaries 5-7 across the Borders took part.

Floppy and Squido’s Adventure

by Connor Houston

P5 Winner

Broughton Primary School

This is Floppy the fly. He’s very funny but very fat because he eats a lot.

His friend is Squido the spider. He’s also funny but loves to eat flies – but not Floppy. Floppy is in danger. Floppy has gone into a beehive. Squido is going to save him. Floppy is fighting for his life.

Squido is climbing up the tree to save his friend. Floppy is flapping his wings like mad. 400 bees have ganged up on him.

Squido has got there and is going crazy and is covering the hive with webs. So as they’re trying to fly they are caught and then they get gobbled up. They are all dead and Floppy is safe.

Floppy and Squido have gone to their hideout, a leaf, to celebrate their victory.

Floppy and Squido are living on a leaf and playing about.

They start eating the leaf but wasps approach…

The Magic Paintbrush

by Katie Foss

P6 Winner

Broughton Primary School

One day a 14-year-old girl with long red hair was painting a picture in her bedroom of a sunny beach with a picnic blanket on the sand, the sea glistened and sparkled in the distance.

Once she had finished she stroked her fingers on it to see if it was dry, all of a sudden she tumbled into the picture.

Amy wasn’t in her bedroom anymore; she was at the beach she had painted! Amy went to sit on the blanket because she had bumped her head and felt she would doze off. Faster than you could click your fingers, Amy fell asleep.

After a long sleep, Amy awoke and looked down to put her shoes on. She had taken them off before she lay on the blanket but there were no shoes and there was no ground, Amy was flying on the carpet in the sky!

Amy tried to get back to the beach by steering it, but it was no use the carpet had a mind of its own. She went upside down, backwards even in circles but she couldn’t control it. Amy decided just to wait until it landed. She looked up at the blue sky and wondered where it would land; eventually she landed outside the Commonwealth Games stadium!

She jumped off the carpet and went inside. A girl ran up to her and said, “Hello, my name is Rachel.”

“Hi, my name is Amy,” she replied.

They sat together and watched the running, cycling, swimming and hockey. When it finished the two girls jumped onto the carpet and they flew back to the beach and Amy played there for a while. After a long day, they wanted to go to Amy’s house but they didn’t know how! Amy thought the only way out was to paint a picture of her room and go into the painting. Amy painted the picture and they both went through it and it worked. So they thought it must be a magic paintbrush.

The new friends went to sleep happy. So magic is spectacular and friendship is an adventure!

Faster, Higher

by Tabitha Marston

P7 Winner

Kirkhope Primary School

“Faster, faster, higher, higher, faster, higher, you can do it!” chanted Mr Bwana faster every time.

Gritting my teeth I lurched forward into a sprint, revelling in the satisfyingly cool rush of air.

Suddenly I leapt upwards, springing off the hard burning tarmac, in my month old Nike trainers, with new found strength.

Faster and higher, faster and higher. Screeched a murderous voice in my head, urging me on and splitting my skull…’

That interesting episode was two weeks ago, in the baking sun of my home and practise ground, in my beautiful country, India. Now I am on a small rickety fishing boat, in the middle of the merciless sea 30 miles away from the Cape of Good Hope.

“Already,” I am told by my faithful coach Mr Bwana, “We have completed one third of your journey to… drumroll please” he muttered under his breath, “our majesties great country… Great Britain!” With or without the effect of his feeble drumroll, it had sounded pretty impressive to me.

Four weeks later I stepped off the gang plank of ‘Tiffany’ and onto Plymouth Harbour.

For me the feeling was exhilarating – it simply drained all the energy out of my body. Suddenly I swooned backwards so quickly that Mr Bwana had to swiftly reach out to catch my crumpled body in the middle of his animated conversation with a taxi driver.

“Don’t mind Felix,” he said laughing at the man’s startled facial expression. “Or actually you probably should, as he’s going to be world famous in less than one week,” my coach added proudly.

And that little episode was only a week ago. Now I, Felix Abudha am here at Glasgow 2014’s Commonwealth Games. My sport – well you have probably already guessed – the High Jump.

After all the training I’m here. Fifteen seconds away from competing and being clapped on the back by my coach, tears brimming in his eyes.

“You can do it Felix m’boy, do it for India, do it for yourself, do it for me. Remember, faster, faster, higher, higher, faster, higher, you can do it!”


Cat Pupil Story School

P5 - 1st Connor Houston Floppy and Squido’s Adventure Broughton Primary

P5 - 2nd Panda Pitman N.I.B. (in the Olympic Dream) St. Boswells Primary

P6 - 1st Katie Foss The Magic Paintbrush! Broughton Primary

P6 - 2nd Aimee McLeish No title given St. Boswells Primary

P7 - 1st Tabitha Marston Faster, Higher! Kirkhope Primary

P7 - 2nd Jenni Heatlie A Dream for Victory Broomlands Primary (Kelso)