Trouble lies in Copycat County

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All Stars (U) Heart of Hawick

There is feelgood, feelbetter and feelnothing.

All Stars wants to be a feelbetter because it ticks all the you-know-whats, but ends up as a been-there-seen-that repro. The trouble lies deep in Copycat County.

The acting is dubious, with the exception of Akai Osei-Mansfield as the black kid with attidude. The comedy stands up and waves.

The Americans do this kind of thing so much better. Child actors who can dance are two-a-cent over there. This lot make it look difficult.

That’s the gig, durrh!

The youth club is being closed down by the council. Grown-ups accept the inevitable. The kids don’t. Let’s put on a show! Let’s find the money! Let’s stop those bulldozers!

Their skills are a long way from Strictly. Taking a leaf – a fig leaf, maybe – from The Full Monty, they persevere. Even the junior toffs manage to park their bespoke arrogance and loosen their stiff upper lips enough to look cooler than hot cross buns.

The film never rises above the expected. Its predictability is the one sure thing you can rely on. Sentimentality spreads across the screen like a treacle leak from the sugar rigs.