The World’s End (15) Pavilion, Galashiels

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Not exactly Shaun Of The Dead: Part II, but close enough. Instead of zombies, insert robots, although The Stepford Wives would be a better analogy.

This is the fourth instalment of the Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Edgar Wright (dir) show, the best of which was the first, the TV series Spaced, with Jessica Stevenson, who sadly left the group immediately afterwards.

The World’s End is a boozer. Drinking dangerous amounts of beer gives the film its raison d’etre - the ultimate pub crawl.

Five friends reunite after 20 years for an evening of nostalgic drunkenness in their old home town.

Surprise! Surprise! The town has been taken over by The Network, a euphemism for mind control invaders of the alien superpower variety, led by the voice of Bill Nighy.

If that’s not stupid enough, the real fun is when The Intrepid Five engage in barroom brawls with mechanical yobbos whose limbs and heads pop off like Lego figures, oozing blue dye.

The humour is laddish and menacing. The inclusion of Rosamund Pike as someone’s sister and someone else’s prospective squeeze eases the Mates United rah-rah, without changing anything.

The writing is unrewarding, the influences obvious, the performances frantic. Pegg was funnier playing Scotty in the new Star Trek.

The Shaun clique has passed its sell-by. Time to reboot, or switch off.