The tiger’s secret

Lion was sad. Tiger was constantly making fun of him.

“Ha ha! YOU don’t have stripes!”

“You don’t look very pretty. You’ve always got mosquitoes round you because you’re always eating!”

“You’ve got too much fur!”

Lion decided to make a plan. He was going to scare Tiger, so Tiger looked silly.

Plan A

Lion found a banana so Tiger would slip on the skin.

He unpeeled the banana and put the skin on the ground, but Tiger saw it. He ripped it up and laughed and LAUGHED!

Plan B

Lion took the banana to the monkeys. “If you pull Tiger’s tail,” he said, “I’ll give you this banana!”

The monkeys said OK, but Tiger was too quick. He ran much too fast, and the monkeys couldn’t catch him.

Plan C

Tiger had run so fast he needed a drink. He went to the river, and the monkeys wanted their banana, so they pushed him in with a great big


“Help!” shouted Tiger. “Help! I can’t swim!”

“All tigers can swim,” said the monkeys.

“I can’t,” wailed Tiger. “It’s my secret!”

Lion felt terrible. He rushed to look for a rope ...

But there wasn’t one.

He hurried to fetch a bamboo stick ...

But Tiger’s claws slid off it.

“A vine! We need a vine!” Lion said, and he ran to find one and throw it in the river.

He pulled Tiger out, and Tiger’s fur was all spiky.

He was dripping wet, and covered in goosebumps. He was shivering, and his teeth were chattering.

“Hoo hoo hoo!” shouted the monkeys. “You look silly!”

“Stop it,” said Lion. “Don’t call him names. It’s not nice.”

Tiger felt mean. He had called Lion names. LOTS of names.

“Sorry,” he said. “Thank you for pulling me out of the river.”

“That’s all right,” Lion said.

“Are we friends now?” asked Tiger.

“Yes,” said Lion. “We’re friends.”

And Tiger and Lion were happy.

z Note from Vivian French: This story is entirely written by the children. I wrote it down word for word as they gave me their ideas, and I also took note of their suggestions. All I’ve added is punctuation, and I’ve taken the liberty of putting it all in the past tense.