The Internship (12A) Pavilion, Galashiels

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Cynics will snap this up as an example of what is wrong with Hollywood.

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson have churned out weightless entertainment that relies on home-grown charm all their lives, it seems.

A few years ago they made a box-office smash with The Wedding Crashers, Ding goes the bell in the bottom-feeding consciousness of men-in-suits who put movies together. Let’s do it again! Not Crashers 2. Not quite.

Vaughn co-wrote this archaic smiledy, unaware that guys like Seth Rogan are out there being radical and offensive and dangerously funny.

The Internship is so old school it should be a parody of itself. Billy (Vaughn) and Nick (Wilson) are fast-talking, confident hustlers (salesmen) who are let go (sacked) because everything’s online these days and there’s no room for erudite bull dung merchants pitching one-to-one.

If we can’t beat ‘em,let’s join ‘em, think Billy’n’Nick.

Here comes the product placement! They are accepted into a summer internship at Google’s Silicon Valley campus where teams of applicants compete for a handful of jobs.

Billy ’n’ Nick are the Luddites in their 40s. The rest are technowhizz babies with minimal social skills. Clash of generations? Nerds versus dinosaurs? All of the above.

The problem – one of the problems – is a predictable script that doesn’t even dent the surface of Google’s public relations veneer.

Another is the length. An hour-and-a-half might have contained the soft-core humour long enough to offset mind decay. More than two hours is torture.