Sons of Flodden’s heroes recalled

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As the countdown continued to Hawick Common Riding and the 500th anniversary of the victory at Hornshole, an interesting talk is on the cards.

Emma Elliot-Walker, a student of history at Edinburgh University, will present Sons of Heroes Slain at Flodden on Monday, May 26, at 6.30pm at the Hawick Heritage Hub.

In her talk she will examine the reasons why men were appointed to the role of Cornet and what this said about the way ‘manliness’ was viewed at the time.

A spokesman for organisers SBC commented: “She will also look at the way in which the common riding was reinvented by the town’s middle classes to demonstrate their power and loyalty within, and to, the nation.

She has conducted an in-depth social history study using primary resources.

Her research focused on the different way in which the common riding story was constructed and used over time to represent the shifting value of the community.”

It’s free, but places are limited – 01450 360699 or: