Something fishy is going on in Peebles

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An Innerleithen man was celebrating after winning top prize in Peebles Creative Place 2014 competition, Fish Flagrante.

When the call went out for artists to submit entries around the theme of fish, dozens of them, professional and amateur, took up the challenge.

Before long, shoals of drawn, painted, carved, collaged and photographed fish was heading for the Anne Younger Studio at the Eastgate Theatre, where they will hang until Monday, July 7.

Three judges made the difficult decision – acclaimed artist Liz Douglas; guild commended framer and a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild, Toby Watts; and secretary and treasurer of the Peeblesshire Trout Fishing Association, Peter Reith.

Liz Douglas said: “The variety of materials and approaches was huge. In the end all three of us chose the same piece as our winner and it was then down to a very close decision for second and third. Even then we simply had to add a Highly Commended award to a fourth submission.”

Martin Wilson’s Stream of Knowledge is a very powerful depiction with lively fish carved into reclaimed purple slate in a slate river current. It is strong, original and beautifully put together.

Martin said: “I was inspired to do this piece from the Pictish carvings of the Salmon of Knowledge. I wanted to convey the flow of water using reclaimed slate slices which were individually hand cut. I would like to thank my partner Belinda for endless cups of tea whilst I worked for many hours on this piece. This is dedicated to the memory of my mum.” 
Second place was awarded to Abi Reed from Peebles with a beautiful interpretation of salmon in stitched felt, singled out by Peter Reith for the life in the image. Janet Dutch from Peebles was awarded third prize for her tweedy interpretation of salmon, simply titled Salmon in Tweed. The submission that caused most discussion was the small exquisite hand-made book by Irene Campbell from Peebles which was given its own Highly Commended award.

Winners received prizes of £250, £150 and £75.