Something fishy about Jude’s accent

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Murky waters and even murkier dealings are the order of the day in our first DVD release of the week as Jude Law plays a submariner in Black Sea, writes Alec Martin.

Law plays Captain Robinson, a submarine captain facing a life of menial low-paid work after being laid off by his ruthless employers.

He’s also a gruff Scotsman, affecting an accent that puts his hometown somewhere between Aberdeen and Kingston, Jamaica. Jude is feeling pretty low when an ex-colleague gets in touch with a tale of sunken gold off the coast of Georgia.

Within no time he’s raised some cash, assembled a rag-tag crew, and has hired a rusty old submarine out of Sevastapol to undertake his dangerous and lucrative mission. The pressure builds in the old tub and cracks start to show as greed and suspicions pull the submarine and its crew into ever more treacherous waters.

Director Kevin McDonald wrings some tension out of what could easily have become a hammy and contrived effort and, accent aside, Law puts in a strong performance, bringing a hawkish intensity to the role. Overall it’s a good effort and well worth a watch.

What We Do In The Shadows is the documentary-style comedy following the lives of four painfully uncool vampires sharing a flat together in New Zealand.

The film follows the blood-suckers as they have domestic squabbles, nights on the town, and spend time baiting the local werewolves in the nights leading up to a gala event for the undead.

It’s written, directed by and starring Flight of the Conchords alumni Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi and the irreverent humour which made the TV show so successful is in clear evidence here.

The film has bags of energy, a deadpan tone and well-defined, sympathetic characters. If you’re looking for a laugh this week, then you’ll find plenty here.