Scales of art from Liz

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Two of Selkirk artist Liz Douglas’ biggest creations, inspired by Peebles’ connection with fish, now sit in pride of place on the town’s High Street.

The works were commissioned by Peebles Creative Place 2014 and made for the face of the town’s Eastgate Theatre.

Ideas for the panels came from looking at the visual history of the salmon – Pictish salmon imagery from a standing stone at Borthwickshiels, a 26,000-year-old image of a salmon from the Dordoigne, the salmon scales from a visit to Tweed Foundation, reading about the journey of the salmon from Greenland to the Tweed, and imagining the salmon’s journey.

Liz, who is based in Selkirk’s WASPS Studios, told The Southern: “This was an opportunity to use contemporary materials and methods to link the salmon, and its history, with modern-day Peebles.

“I based these pieces on the scales of the salmon which I found particularly intriguing, both in shape and meaning, as well as their transparent quality.”