Schule Ba’, hailed by Bobby Elder, Down;

L. S. Starrett Ba’, Andrew Thomson, Down;

Bill Tait Memorial Ba’, Cameron Grieve, Down;

Community Council Ba’, Cameron Munro, Up;

John Frater Ba’, Rory Marshall, Up;

Billy Gillies Ba’, Andrew Thomson, Down;

Bibs Birthday Ba’, Cameron Grieve, Down;

Bob McGinn Ba’, Andrew Thomson, Down;

Boz Davison Ba’, Chris Rowley, Up.

Uppies 3, Doonies 6


Callants Club Ba’, hailed by Graham Slorance, Down;

2012 Callant Chisholm Ba’, Sean Paxton, Down;

George and Beverley Turnbull Ba’, Graham Slorance, Down;

Evie Laing Ba’, Graham Slorance, Down;

D. and J. Elliot Ruby Anniversary Ba’, Joe Crawford, Up;

Martin Wylie Memorial Ba’, Chico Woods, Up;

Allan Porterfield Birthday Ba’, Jamie Crawford, Up;

Belters Ba’, Eric Wright, Up;

Cannon Ba’, Steven Turnbull, Down;

Pheasant Ba’, Robby Elder, Up;

Royal Hotel Ba’, Alan Cook, Up;

Legion Ba’, Steven Turnbull, Down;

Tavern Ba’, Peter Holme, Up;

Carters Rest Ba’, Grant Sandilands, Down;

Spread Eagle Hotel Ba’, Harry Heard, Down.

Doonies 8, Uppies 7