Populaire (12A) Heart of Hawick

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Mention the plot to anyone and they won’t go near this film. Yet they must ... today!

The story of a village girl who travels to the city to become a secretary in 1959 is hardly inspiring. Her stubborn nature and unsophistication make her an obvious candidate for rejection. But she has a unique talent. She can type. Fast.

What makes Regis Roinsard’s debut irresistible is its sweet charm. Deborah Francois, as Rose Pamphyle, reaches beyond wonderful to that place where acting morphs into real life and expressions translate emotions as Rose struggles with a world of conflicting desires and disappointments.

Romain Duris, as Louis Echard, the owner of a small insurance company who recognises Rose’s qualities and trains her for the national speed typing contest is perfectly matched. His outward self confidence shields insecurities that find commitment frightening and romance a dangerous journey.

Feel good? You won’t feel better. That’s a gold star guarantee. Not one of Louis Echard’s sales pitches.