Not exactly Attenborough

TO BE spoilt by quality is a good thing, surely?

Not if you are making an in-jungle docudrama about Oscar, a baby chimp, and his brave mom and Freddy, the leader of their crew, who comes to Oscar’s aid after bad chimp Scar organises a rumble to take control of the nut trees.

Sir David A and the BBC have cornered the market in excellence when it comes to this kind of thing. Alastair Fothergill and Mark Linfield’s efforts are marred by a ghastly narrative (voiced by Tim Allen) that extenuates the sentimentality and indulges outdated cliches. Also, the music is used as an emotional crutch and there comes a moment when you wonder whether certain scenes have been faked to fit the script.

At the end of the film you meet the cameramen and crew and realise it has been real. And it’s been tough. But by then your judgement has been compromised by a double helping of Sweet’n’Sweet from the Bambi Store.