Less Gru-some, more aww-some

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DESPICABLE ME 2 (U) The Pavilion, Galashiels

You can’t get enough of a good bad thing. Gru is back, but he’s different. No longer despicable, he’s lovable.

This is like Cruella de Vil sponsoring Puppies In Need.

You could see it coming at the end of Des 1 when he reads to the children a bedtime story that he has written especially for them.

His membership to The Nasty But Nasty Club was immediately revoked.

Now he’s working for the CIA, or whatever the cartoon equivalent is, to track down a fiendish villain who plans on – oh no, not again – taking over the world, with the help of a giant magnet.

It’s nothing like as ingenious as stealing the moon, which Gru and his yellow beanie minions achieved first time around.

There is a worse shock in store.

He has (gulp! gasp!) a girlfriend.

PS: the children love him to bits, as well.

How could this bald, black-suited, orphan hater, with the voice of Bela Lugosi and a shark-toothed pooch dozing on his divan, be a contender in the lurve derby?

Although Des 2 is as evil as a feather cushion, the minions have their day, every day, and the children go on being adorable. Margot, the eldest, has a crush on the phony, posy, narcissistic son of a fat, tango dancing, pizza parlour proprietor, which is both doomed and hilarious.

Being despicable can be lonely, although in Gru’s ginormous workshop basement live the minions.

When he needs to mainline on adoration, he goes down there for a fix.

The minions may be gibbering idiots, but they bring to the film what Scrat does to Ice Age.

Altogether now – awwww!