Horses for courses at Braw Lads Sports

I am just resting my heed
I am just resting my heed

The Braw Lads’ Schoolchildren’s Sports drew a large crowd on Sunday, thanks in no small way to the entry fee being lifted for spectators for the first time in many years.

Also going down well was the move to bring back equestrian sports to the event, for the first time since the 1980s.



Secretary Hazel Newlands said she had received “very positive” feedback from those attending.

Of course, the best-planned events are always at the mercy of the weather, but on this occasion, it smiled on the people of Galashiels, with expected thunderstorms staying away.

The girls in the bouquet presentation party were: Emily Standen, Balmoral Primary School; Norah Campbell , Burgh Primary School; Millie Robinson, Clovenfords Primary School; Daisy McLean, Glendinning Primary School; Erin Gillie, Langlee Primary School; Bonnie Brown, Stow Primary School; Kerryn Newall, St Margaret’s Primary School; Bethany Poletti, St Peter’s Primary School and Erin Gallagher, Tweedbank Primary School.

The bouquet was presented to the Braw Lass by Millie Robinson from Clovenfords Primary School.

Braw Lad and Lass with attendants and bouquet presentation party sing Braw Braw Lads.

Braw Lad and Lass with attendants and bouquet presentation party sing Braw Braw Lads.


Code for Schools: Bal - Balmoral; B – Burgh; C – Clovenfords; G – Glendinning; L – Langlee; S – Stow; St M – St Margaret’s; St P - St Peter’s; T – Tweedbank.

P1 boys: 1, Blake Mitchinson (St P); 2, Finn Bayne (C); 3, Harry Turnbull (St P).

P1 girls: 1, Lara Abdrabbo (B); 2, Kacey Hay (B); 3, Leah Murdoch (St P).

Boys race

Boys race

P2 boys: 1, Aaron Deloteau (C); 2, Jack Williams (T); 3, Harris Scott (C).

P2 girls: 1, Olivia Lunn (G); 2, Ellie Mihulka (T); 3, Anna Kellock (B).

P3 boys: 1, Kenzie McLaughlin (Bal); 2, Tomasz Dobrowolski (St P); 3, Jack Broach (L).

P3 girls: 1, Darcie Liddle (C); 2, Lili Mundell (C); 3, Leen Albid (B).

Braw Lass wins her race.

Braw Lass wins her race.

P4 boys: 1, Hamish Seggie (St P); 2, Ryan Nixon (B); 3, Lewis Gillie (L).

P4 girls: 1, Eryn Kimber (C); 2, Holly Diagnose (C); 3, Tilly Forbes (L).

P5 boys: 1, Dima Graham (St P); 2, Rowan Tuft (C); 3, Harris McDonald (St P).

P5 girls: 1, Molly Turnbull (St P); 2, Kelly McCraw (Bal); 3, Ellie McLaren (St P).

P6 boys: 1, Lewis Douglas (G); 2, Nairn Mischief (St P); 3, Lachlan Beaton (Bal).

P6 girls: 1, Kiera McCall (St P); 2, Evie Renwick (St P); 3, Taylor Patterson (L).

P7 boys: 1, Sam McAneny (B); 2, Lewis McEwen (St P); 3, Harry Brotherstone (T).

P7 girls: 1, Mackenzie Crick (St P); 2, Tamzin Shillinglaw (St P); 3, Erin Gillie (L).

Mixed Relay for the Swinton Purves Memorial Shield: 1, St Peter’s Primary School; 2, Langlee Primary School; 3, Burgh Primary School.

P5 boys’ sack race: 1, Kian McGill (B); 2, Ryan Turnbull (St P); 3, Michael Bradley (L).

P5 girls’ egg and spoon race: 1, Jessica Wallace (St P); 2, Olivia Jones (B); 3, Megan Healey-Smith (S).

P6 boys three-legged race: 1, William Scott/Aaron Little (C); 2, Reegan Stisi/Nathan Reid (B); 3, Scott Houston/Lachlan Beaton (Bal).

P6 girls’ three-legged race: 1, Charli Black/Kiera McCall (St P); 2, Evie Renwick/Brooke Fowler (St P); 3, Emily Doyle/Paige Thomson (G).

P7 boys three-legged race: 1, Matthew McGill/Troy Wright (L); 2, Kenzie Winter/Cory Bunker (St P); 3, Tristan Smith/Sam McAneny (B).

P7 girls three-legged race: 1, Erin Gillie/Elena Onut (L); 2, Samantha Cumnock/Lily McMillan (St P); 3, Tamzin Shilliglaw/Emily Caldwell (St P).