Haining ancestor takes pride of place

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Thanks to some vital restoration work, the portrait of Eva Stropp, the German-born wife of the owner of the Haining Estate in Selkirk, Professor Andrew Pringle-Pattison, is back where it belongs.

The portrait, which is of great sentimental value for Haining House House, had succumbed through the years, to damage caused by mould and rising damp, which was slowly destroying the work of art.

Living descendants of Mr Pringle-Pattison have taken steps to have the painting repaired, allowing her likeness to join the gallery of other descendants on display within the house.

In 2009, The Haining was bequeathed, by tr Andrew Nimmo Smith, into trust, so that the people of Selkirkshire and beyond could benefit from its use for developing arts, culture and heritage.

The family rooms upstairs remain inaccessible to the public but the ground floor is used for events and functions, including weddings, exhibitions, community celebrations and art exhibitions.

For information booking The Haining, email: carobyers@thehaining.co.uk