Guns aplenty

2 Guns film starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg 2013
2 Guns film starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg 2013

There is one word to describe this movie – smart. Action thrillers these days rely on special effects and bigger, better car chases.

2 Guns relies on a zip-zap script, actors that combine good chemistry with witty banter, and a storyline so twisted it double crosses itself every 25 minutes.

It begins with a bank raid, or rather checking out the venue for a bank raid from the diner across the street.

“Waitresses like me,” Stig says.

“Nobody likes you,” Bobby says.

And so it goes. The plot involves the DEA, the CIA, naval intelligence, a Mexican drugs cartel and $43million in cash. No-one is who they claim to be, with the exception of the Mexicans who are big, brutal and bad.

Denzel Washington (Bobby) looks lean in a chilled, controlled manner. Mark Wahlberg (Stig) is looser, more instinctive. Together, they give buddy movies a better profile – no sentiment, tough love.

Explanations would only confuse an already confused state of affairs. At the centre is this shedload of money. Who does it belong to? Who do you have to kill to find out? Silly question, since everyone is trying to kill everyone else. What sounds like a standard beat-’em-up, with an off-road car chase and a dishy dame (Paula Patton) who doubles as an undercover agent, is in a class of its own and that class is high on the entertainment charts.

Everyone lies, everyone dies (that’s a lie), but the worst is the title. There are enough guns in this film to take out Texas.