Galashiels textile students are the cream of the catwalk

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You may not know that the School of Textiles in Galashiels has a very well respected fashion course which is also taught in London and Dubai.

Last year the Scottish Fashion Awards’ graduate of the year and the runner up, as well as eight of the ten nominations, came from the fashion course at the School of Textiles.

So it is always exciting to see what the next graduating cohort are showing at their graduate fashion show and I went to the Dovecot in Edinburgh, on Saturday, June 15, to see for myself.

Fashion shows are always exciting, looking forward to the unknown and anticipating new silhouettes, brilliant pattern cutting, fabulous fabrics and great colour, combining to create a sophisticated collection of six outfits.

I was able to corner the creative director of the show, Mark Eley, of the renowned fashion brand Eley Kishimoto for his thoughts on this year’s show.

He told me: “This is a very good fashion show demonstrating the transition of the self-motivated dynamic fashion students onto a European stage”.

I also managed to talk to the head of the school, Alison Harley, about the event.

Alison said: “This is a confident presentation, demonstrating the collaboration and strength of the school and the students.”

With these strong statements ringing in my ears I settled down to a packed Dovecot with the buzz of excited voices ringing round the venue and an expectant pristine white catwalk. The music started and we launched into the show.

Twenty three collections later, the traditional finale launched down the catwalk, as smiling new fashion designers and their models made a final runway appearance.

This was accompanied by the sound of rapturous applause and the flashing of cameras, as the audience demonstrated their appreciation of the fashion collections.

Finally the last designer and their model left the runway and the audience faded away, leaving a clean white catwalk, ready for another year and I for one, look forward to seeing the next School of Textiles and Design fashion course collections.

So in no particular order, it is congratulations to the class of 2013: Siam 
Colvine, Sarah Hill, Hazzerwan Hazlee, Emily Morton, Diane Reid, Matthew Houston, Samantha Bowman, Abigail 
Robertson, Samantha Rush, Aqsa Mahmud, 
Catriona Penman, Rachel Connelly, Ashley O’Neill, Jonathon Ramsey, Helen Blackstock, Mark Jones, Emma Yuill, Sophie Gibson, Fiona Corse, Christina Stewart, Kirsty Mclennan, Katy Sharp.

Mark Timmins cut out

Mark Timmins cut out