Fledgling author’s meteoric rise

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From Panama to Hawick and then top of the best-selling romantic fiction charts around the world.

It’s been quite a journey for 45-year-old mother-of-two Lizbeth Crawford whose edgy romance, Hate to Love You, was published on June 2 and has hit the top of the Amazon bestseller list.

And two further books are set for publication later this summer, Black Hole Bounty Book One, a romantic sci-fi trilogy set in another world, and Pitch Imperfect, another contemporary romance, but this time it’s closer to home and set in a fictional town in the Borders. The literary seed was sewn following a throw-away comment from her husband when the Hawick mum couldn’t find anything to interest her in online booklists and she had become disenchanted with a raunchy
best-seller she was reading.

Lizbeth, who writes under the pen names Elise Alden and Sienna Bronwyn, after her two daughters, said: “I’ve always loved reading romance novels, as long as they have compelling plots, interesting characters and grip me from start to finish.”

She continued: “But in January 2012, I complained about browsing Amazon and not finding any that tickled me, and my husband suggested that I write my own book. So I sat down that evening and put fingers to laptop.”

She admits that she had no idea how to write a book, but that certainly wasn’t going to stop her. “I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, but I devoured writing manuals and did the exercises in my spare time and wrote after the children were in bed. I couldn’t stop writing, even if I’d wanted to. I had characters coming out of my ears who wouldn’t allow me to leave their stories untold.”

And Lizbeth, who previously taught Spanish in primary schools in Hawick and Denholm, added: “The joy and sense of achievement I get every time a reader sends me an email or writes an honest review, every time I see my book – I have to grin.

“Being published has been an emotional hurricane, a huge learning curve. But I couldn’t have done it without the love and patience of my husband and daughters.

“They also enjoy happy endings and have given me the support I need so that I can craft them.”

For further information about Lizbeth and her work, visit www.elisealden.com.