Don’t let unwanted hair ruin your confidence

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Unwanted hair can be a very debilitating and embarrassing problem.

The causes are numerous, but in women an increase in the hormone Androgen plays a large factor.

There are various ways in which to remove this unwanted hair, tweezing, shaving, depilatory creams, waxing and threading. These methods are temporary, and are ideal for certain areas such as the eyebrows, legs and underarm area. If the problem of unwanted hair occurs in the facial area the use of a permanent method is more favourable.

Epilationhas been used for many years, and is a highly skilled treatment that requires intense training and background knowledge to perform.

There are different types of epilation used, the more preferred method is Blend which is a combination of two electrical currents. This has been proven to be a very effective treatment for coarser facial hair, and is much more comfortable for the client.

Epilation, if performed by a competent therapist, is very effective method of permanent hair removal and will restore the clients confidence in herself.

If you have any issues regarding unwanted hair, a few points to consider before using any hair removal methods are:

z Whether to use a temporary method or permanent

z Is there a medical reason for the unwanted hair

z Avoid topical methods of removal if the unwanted hair is facial, such as tweezing, and shaving, as this can make the condition worse