Designs on the past

Women of Gunsgreen
Women of Gunsgreen

Much is known about the men of Gunsgreen House’s past but its women are taking centre stage in a new exhibition with a keen Galashiels connection.

The aptly titled Women of Gunsgreen sees the famous Eyemouth mansion house collaborate with students from Heriot-Watt University’s School of Textile and Design for a fashion focused showcase which will be open to the public until November.

The exhibition will introduce visitors to the costumes, which represent the type of garments worn by Gunsgreen women, with the students having designed 12 historical costumes and 12 contemporary garments.

Galashiels-based Heriot-Watt students are all very excited about this collaboration and are looking forward to viewing the garments in the public exhibition.

Leigh Amber Duffell, fashion technology student, enthused: “I think that the project was amazing, it was great fun as well as being a great experience to learn from for all of us.

“It has taught us new skills and has also opened a window into how different life was all those years ago.

“Researching the lives of real people from many years ago really makes you think about how lucky we are to be living now.

“I can’t wait for the exhibition to start so I can see our displayed outfits.

“My family are very excited as well, and they are all planning to see the exhibition once it is opened.”

Laura Hart, another School of Textiles and Design student, said: ‘I’ve really enjoyed doing this project, it’s exciting to be able to do a live project with the people of Gunsgreen and be able to have an exhibition in the house with our work.

“I’ve loved this project because I’m a bit of history geek and love costume.

“I can’t wait for the exhibition – it will be great to see all the selected costumes together in the house!’

Kirsten Wilson, a fashion technology student, added: ‘I actually really loved the project. It gave us a chance to make costumes, and for anyone who is interested in going in to costume design like me, that’s a great experience!

“I’m so excited to see the dresses in the exhibition.’

Gunsgreen House staff are equally pleased to have been able to work with the Galashiels students and believe the exhibition will be a brilliant addition to the house during the 2014 season.

Gunsgreen House manager Tony Bolton told us: “This exhibition really brings the women of the house to life,’ commented.

“‘Seeing the period costumes alongside the modern day inspirations really gives you a new impression of what these women were like, and makes you see some of them from a completely different perspective.

“We think people who are already familiar with the house will really enjoy this exhibition, as will newcomers.”

z Women of Gunsgreen opens tomorrow (Friday, April 11). Gunsgreen House is open Thursday-Sunday from 11am-5pm.