Crash, bang, wallop

This franchise gets better. The crew are family now and the effects are so sophisticated they look real (almost).

The action catches your breath and doesn’t throw it back, although the violence seems way too heavy for a 12A. As for the script, no-one should feel embarrassed.

Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, is a valuable addition to the cast. He plays a cop who uses Vin Diesel’s crew to bring down a gang of international criminals. In this world both sides have state-of-the-art weaponry and custom cars that hit 100 in three seconds.The danger is too much, too often, and there are casualties.

Diesel is definitely on the chubby side of cool, while Paul Walker looks the same as he did in the original. Michelle Rodriguez, the baddie’s squeeze who can’t remember that she used to be Vin’s girl, has skinned down to a bullet shape, while Dwayne has Arnie’s figure from Conan and does a perfect Capt America imitation.

Rev up, lads! This is for you.