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With a title like this you know you are in the land of shake’n’fake, where no-one follows rules and animated film can change the world.

For the better? For the madder.

Lay expectations down. Leave Walt’s story editors in the syrup bog to be picked off by Sony’s sharpwitters. Ignore the tradition of talking animals and saccharine subplots.

Think food – cheese spiders, dinosaur leeks, shrimpanzees and tacodiles. Even the jokes are tasty. “How do you make a gorilla stew?” “Keep him waiting for two hours.”

Somewhere at the epiwhirl of this tsunami of invention is a still small voice telling you that the moon is blue (cheese) and Flint Lockwood is not a wild haired high school physics freak who grew up into a pointy-headed scientist with unconventional views on protein production, but some kind of prodigy who deserves care and attention.

The story banjos into bafflement, but only if you’re thinking normal, which you can’t with this lot. Cloudy One ended with a disastrous food storm. Cloudy Two has Flint and his pals leaving the island and working for Live Corp Co and its manipulative mentor Chester V. They discover that Flint’s water/food machine has not been destroyed, as they thought, but is being used to create foodimals, dangerous hybrids such as whopper burgers capable of chewing children to death.

The plot is nuts; the film is not. How could something this inventive be anything but delightful? Its originality might disturb those who liked Planes and possibly give them foodmares, but students at Monster University are starting a campaign – Flint Lockwood For Dean! – and rate The Cloudy Channel the only reliable fun forecaster.