A Hitch in time

Hitchcock (12A) Eastgate Theatre, Peebles

THIS is much more than a biopic of a pic – namely Psycho – or a tribute to the Master of Suspense, or an excuse to giggle at the fat suit.

Hitchcock is a beautifully made movie, with performances of special interest.

Alfred Hitchcock at 60 has just had a hit with North By Northwest. Everyone wants him to cash in on its success, but Hitch refuses to carbon his copy or be swayed by the Hollywood mantra – you are only as good as your last picture, therefore repeat it ad infinitum. He is looking for something different, a change of direction, and finds it in a popular novel.

He battles the censorship board, fights with the producers for money, and resists his agent’s plea to show it over two nights on television.

Behind the great man is a greater woman, his wife Alma is played to perfection by Helen Mirren. Anthony Hopkins, as Hitch, avoids caricature and digs deep beneath the trademark superficialities, while Scarlett Johansson is a revelation as Janet Leigh. Altogether a strong piece of work, worthy of The Master.