A bloody evil remake

Evil Dead (18) Pavilion, Galashiels

SAM RAINI’S original (1981) was a low budget horror flick that ruptured the imagination and encouraged B-movie copycats of mass murder in rural settings.

In these damaged days of the Saw franchise, the bar is higher. The challenge now for budding gorectors is how far to go before attracting the attention of the censorship dudes.

This freshly-slaughtered version has friends arriving at The Cabin In The Woods for a weekend’s fun’n’frolic, only to discover it is haunted by the Devil’s spawn. What follows is bloodier than piglets in a grinder.

Things you never want to do with nail guns, chain saws, machetes and heavy objects are demonstrated in vein-draining detail.

The slogan Lost A Limb? Lose Another! proves only too true. What’s left but to choke on vomit?