Rob's artwork could take Zoe to Bolivia

A limited edition print featuring Midlem village green has been created to help fund a Selkirk High School pupil's bid to join the Borders Exploration Group visit to Bolivia this summer.

Rob Hain's painting of Midlem Village Green.
Rob Hain's painting of Midlem Village Green.

The print, especially commissioned by sixth-year pupil Zoe Pflug and her mum Audrey, who lives in the village, has been created by local artist Rob Hain.

Entitled ‘Village Green’, the artwork is painted in Mr Hain’s unique style, with only 195 limited edition prints being produced.

The work shows some of the personal details of home owners in the village, including a brand new tractor of one householder, the ginger cat of another, and, as is usual for Rob Hain’s work, it includes a compulsory giraffe somewhere in the painting.

A portion of the monies raised will go towards Zoe’s fundraising drive to take part in the expedition, which will see the group work to help those living in undeveloped areas.

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    David Wallace, owning partner of The Gallery Melrose, which is displaying the print, said: “We admire this initiative which uses art as a means of helping others and are keen to help Zoe in any way we can.

    “It is a privilege to be selling this specially-commissioned artwork by Rob Hain for a great cause.”